I want to buy but 

         just can't get Financed

House Viewing

This program is perfect for your situation.  The program gives you the opportunity to pick your "Dream Home," and rent it until you can get financed.  Thant's right you can rent your "Dream Home" for up to 5 years while getting your down payment or credit score just where they need to be for financing.  

Have a low Credit Score?  The minimum score for the program is 580 for anyone living in the house over the age of 18.  

Have Low Income? The minimum for income with this program is $65,000 for Colorado.  This way you would be able to afford rent int the 2 major metro areas in Colorado, Denver and Colorado Springs.  

Have a Bankruptcy? As long as it has been discharged, Bankruptcy is not an issue for the program.  

No down Payment?  The security deposit, similar to every other rental is 2 months rent.  No 20% down needed for the program

It’s a great option if you:

• Want to live in a single-family home, in a great community with quality schools

• Are a first-time homebuyer who’s cautious about buying a home now, but may want to buy in the future

• Are a home seeker in the process of relocating but aren’t sure where you want to settle down

• Can’t obtain a mortgage right now

Moving House

Contact me today for more information and details about the program.