But What If I Just Want To Rent?

With the Lease to Own program you can just rent.  As a tenant in this program you still have the option to buy the home your living in.  

In the event you don't want to buy the home, due to outside factors, at the end of any lease term you can and have the option to walk away from the home.  

Suburban Family Home


On average there are double to triple the amount of homes for sale than for rent.  

The rent is set for you on paper for the next 5 years so there are no large rate hikes.  

Within the 5 years of eligibility, you have the Option to purchase the home.  

84 Percent of Americans See Homeownership as a Good Investment

Modular Homes

Have a low Credit Score?  The minimum score for the program is 580 for anyone living in the house over the age of 18.  

Have Low Income? The minimum for income with this program is $65,000 for Colorado.  This way you would be able to afford rent int the 2 major metro areas in Colorado, Denver and Colorado Springs.  

Have a Bankruptcy? As long as it has been discharged, Bankruptcy is not an issue for the program.  

No down Payment?  The security deposit, similar to every other rental is 2 months rent.  No 20% down needed for the program

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