Why Sell with Lease to Own 

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Top reasons to Sell to a Lease to Own 

The program involves a cash buyer removing the need for an appraisal and the sale is guaranteed at the contract price. (Gives extra security in hot markets)

The buyer Pays for the title insurance instead of the seller. (One less cost)

With cash offers the time to closing is faster. (Quick closings)

Without the need for appraisers, there is no reason to worry about the house not reaching the offered price value.  (Less lost transactions)

Security in a hot market

When in the middle of a buying frenzy, cash offers are secured by actual cash flow and not a bank loan.  This means that in the event of an over asking price offer, the buyer and seller don't have the fear of the house not meeting the offered value.  With appraisals the value of the home is determined by an appraiser, and if it doesn't meet the offered price the buyer would have to make up the difference or walk away from the deal.  


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